Greater Fool Theory

29/02/2016  · There is a very interesting behavioural economic theory called The Greater Fool Theory. When you hold an investment, and you think, you cannot make any more money out of it, you look for a greater fool to sell your investment. Someone buys the asset from you, thinking, that they can perhaps make more money than you did.

Greater fool theory. The greater fool theory is a theory some investors might implicitly or explicitly be relying on when investing in financial markets. The greater fool theory states that, as long as you can find a greater fool to sell the security to, the current price of a security can still be rationalised.

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In finance and economics, the greater fool theory states that the price of an object is determined not by its intrinsic value, but rather by the local and relative.

the greater fool theory. Geeft aan dat de prijs van een object niet bepaald wordt door de 'echte' waarde maar door verwachtingen en irrationele overwegingen.

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02/02/2002  · Many otherwise sensible people followed "greater fool theory" during the internet stock fad. John Cassidy is a British journalist who writes for The New Yorker. For quite some time, he wrote.

The Greater Fool Theory Explained in One Minute: From "Definition" (Meaning) to ExamplesThe Greater Fool Theory simply states that there will always be a “greater fool” in the market who will be ready to pay a price based on higher valuation for an.

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18 Apr 2019.

The greater fool theory frequently explains why otherwise rational economic actors make seemingly irrational choices. We can see countless.

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