Ethereum Rises To $380 And Bitcoin Cash Price Surges By 31%

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23/11/2017  · Ethereum Rises to $380 and Bitcoin Cash Price Surges by 31%

Bitcoin (BTC) on Thursday soared more than 17% at press time and hit its highest levels in nearly two months.What Happened.

Get trading recommendations and read reviews on for only $ 39 a month . Today, November 23, the price of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash has increased significantly in 24 hours, the price of Ether has exceeded $ 380 while Bitcoin Cash has recorded a staggering daily increase of 31%.

19/12/2017  · Starting my crypto currency journey. Bitcoin Cash Added to Coinbase and Surges to $8,500 WHAT???? !! Must be a misprint. Look at the Cryptomarket values at C.

17/01/2020  · The biggest gainer of them all is the old Ethereum Classic (ETC) with a stunning 31% daily rise. ETC managed to shoot up to exactly $10 from $7,40 valuation recorded only a day ago. Moreover, it’s looking to regain the top-10 spot by market capitalization as it.

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