Copay Import Wallet

4 May 2018.

I'm trying to restore my BTC Wallet from the 12 words key phrase i saved, but copay keeps telling me "impossible to import.Wallet Recovery.

You would need to use another wallet to sweep it, then send it to your copay wallet. No. Only the user-end client stores the private keys. The private keys along with the public keys of all participants in the multisig wallet (if that’s what youre using) are encrypted in your backup file.

Tutorial: Import Existing Wallet into Particl Copay30 Oct 2019.

Your paper wallet should have a QR code that you can use to import it into your Copay or BitPay wallet, if the QR code is compatible.


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1 May 2018.

How to backup/Migrate my Bitpay/Copay Wallet Backup/Migration Checklist: Back up the wallet/s Install/Update the wallet App Import/Restore.

If you have the twelve word recovery phrase for your Copay wallet, click the gear icon in the tabs bar in the bottom of the BitPay App to bring up the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Crypto Wallets & Keys section and choose Create or Import a Key. Then choose Import Wallet.

05/03/2017  · (If it’s from another wallet, Create New Wallet >> Advanced Options, but if it is a recovery for old Copay wallet it’s Import Wallet >> Advanced Options) In fact, the act of taking a phrase generated by another app and trying to bring it into Copay, most people would call that "importing" to Copay, but that is the type you need to do from the "Create New Wallet".

01/05/2018  · To import the wallet on another device, you can click the + next to Wallets and then choose Import wallet. Enter the 12-word backup phrase and you will now have access to the wallet from both devices. Please see the following article for steps on how to restore the wallet.

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