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CoinGecko è una app che classifica in forma grafica le monete per attività degli sviluppatori, comunità e liquidità. Verifica le ultime classifiche per le criptovalute più importanti come Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin e.

23 Jun 2020.

“You can think of Candy as similar to Reddit karma points, where we reward users for usage," CoinGecko co-founder and COO Bobby Ong told.

CoinGecko, found online at, is a website that provides a 360-degree market overview of the crypto space. Like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko displays the top cryptocurrencies by trading volume, price, circulating supply, and other pertinent metrics. Unlike CoinMarketCap, however, CoinGecko has certain additional customization options.

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15 Jan 2019.

This is the sixth cryptocurrency report produced by CoinGecko covering the full.

ICOs are failing to meet their hard cap due to: No. of Projects.


the exchanges are the liquidity watering hole where all market participants meet.

(expected) – Undisclosed (announcement) – 8 CoinGecko Trust Score.

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / / June 15, 2020 / On June 10th, HOTBIT Global launched its South Korean subsidiary "HOTBIT Korea",

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